I come from Slovakia and my iternational background lead me through different business studies into web and graphics passion.
– Adriana Vrablova

My Specialisation

Operational Marketing

Creating strategies aligned with sales to aim at the common obectives to grow on an international market.


Designing marketing campaigns to reinforce customer satisfaction and retention.

Graphics Design

Graphics charter creation, logos, design for print as well as for web.

Digital Marketing

Helping websites reach more users via digital marketing methods, SMO and content management.


Designing user interface with keeping the user experience in the middle.

Web Design

Creating websites and adapting them according to standards.

My Portfolio

Website design and development; logo creation project.

Website design, content creation and localisation.

Website design and development; logo creation, localisation project.

Website design adjustement.

Website design and development; logo creation, localisation project.

Project manager 2018 – 2019 – Website re-design and development; blog and articles responsable, graphical representation for master.

Communication manager 2018-2019: Website re-design and development; community manager, internal and external communication reponsable.

Website design.

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