Project Management

in 2017/2018

CAWEB project management


This student project took a year to accomplish – it was an important part of the second year of the master’s program and I was the project manager.

I was responsible for the following:

  • Management of a 20 people team
  • Creating 5 strategic pillars to accomplish the objectives:
    • Technical – what concerns the performance of the website
    • Editorial – every week we had to publish an article in both English and French relevant to the domain of the Master (then use the advantage for further social communication)
    • Social Media – Bring social awareness and engagement
    • Graphical – Social media support, content media creation, and print
    • SEO – Online visibility improvement, analysis and optimization of the existing website
  • Physical and remote team management (during their holidays,  apprenticeships, and Master’s visits to San Fransisco and Cape Town)
  • Conflict-solving

Team Objectives

  • Increase master’s visibility – improve SEO
  • Enrich social media with graphical content and increase the number of subscribers
  • Improve our blog – more publications and translations
  • Graphical redesign for print and web
  • Reduce the loading time of the site, and correct the biggest technical problems 

My Objectives

  1. Thoroughly explain to team members their tasks and help/guide them in their work. Maintain good communication with internal and external parties. 
  2. Motivate everyone in the teams to perform their respective tasks without conflict.
  3. Delegate the appropriate tasks to the team leaders so that everything goes as planned.
  4. Add Google Analytics to the site.
  5. Create the Benchmark and compare it with our biggest competitors.
  6. Reporting
  7. Create a document containing all the proposals, advice, graphic models, and tree structure for the handover.

Tools used

  • Trello
  • Figma
  • WordPress
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects
  • Google Suite
  • Google Analytics…

Market Research

I conducted the market research in the form of a benchmark that I have then compared with our biggest competitors. This document was then shared with the head of the Master’s program. Below, is the look of the website before our project started.

Old version of Caweb website

User Research

Research goals

To improve the existing situation, we had to understand the website visitors. Therefore, we had to divide it into two categories:

  • Recruiters – aka companies working with the master to hire its students for the mandatory apprenticeship throughout the entire second year
  • Visitors – aka potential students searching for the right information and a possibility to enroll

Research findings

  • The program holds a strong differentiation aspect – internship, apprenticeship, and visiting trips to international companies
  • Companies need to have a clear flow to get the information they need and contact us
  • Visitors (potential students) also need a clear flow to get the information they need and an easy way to enroll


What did I learn?

I gathered a lot of experience through this project, especially in people management and technical and graphical comprehension. Having met all our objectives I am very happy to have taken the role of project manager.