Touchdown interface


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Touchdown interface
UX/UI of the marketing suite

Touchdown is now a successful marketing suite natively integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps.

Touchdown interface
UX/UI, localization for website

Touchdown’s website was designed to provide easy-to-access information about features, usage, and news to its users & partners.

CAWEB project management
Project management - CAWEB

Being an agile project manager with a great team I was able to introduce performance, content, UX, and graphical improvements.

UX/UI & web dev, graphic support

Bebabel was a starting language school that needed help with marketing strategy, web dev, and social media content support.

UX/UI & web dev + localization

Magic Light focused on rebranding and improving its online presence. We simply helped them accomplish their goal.

UX/UI, branding & web development

ThreatPredict benefited from its new logo and a website where it could share news about security research with the public.

Other Projects

in UX/UI, web dev, web design marketing

UX/UI, e-commerce dev

LadaLeather is a local business, creating custom leather goods, that is now enjoying the online possibility to grow its business.

UX/UI & web development

Mimesis (research team in medical simulation) is enjoying its informative website and better visibility to pursue ambitious projects.

Branding, UX/UI & web development

Formation d’Ambassadeur au Numérique reinforced IT knowledge amongst children. The website helped spread the information.

Stephane Cotin

Stephan Cotin, a research director, needed some loading time, SEO, and content improvement on his professional website.


IceSL, a research team,  applied a proposed sitemap from their website analysis that now reflects intuitive user flow.


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