UX/UI & web dev, graphic support

in 2020/2021


Bebabel was a starting cultural center in Slovakia with the possibility for local designers to sell their pieces. They also wanted to organize lively events for locals and for foreigners. However, this part of the project was abandoned with the Covid-19 situation and online teaching became the main activity. My role was to:

  • advise them on the marketing strategy,
  • design and develop their e-shop (later on a showcase website)
  • create graphical content for the social media and print

Problem statement

Prepare marketing strategy, design and develop a website, and synchronize it all together with their communication on social media – there were four accounts for art, fashion, events, and languages.

Tools used

  • Figma
  • Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • WordPress

Market Research

To develop the website and prepare the overall marketing strategy, I had to understand the market context. Since the local and hand-made products fall into different categories I pursued individual market research for each: 

  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Events
  • Languages

I have then performed a SWOT analysis of detected competitors.

User Research

Now that I understood the context I could dig deeper into the people who would purchase or would be interested in what the cultural center had to offer.

Research goals

  • Understanding the fashion visitors
  • Understanding the art visitors
  • Understanding the visitors of the events
  • Understanding the visitors who are interested in language courses

Research findings

  • Fashion visitors are usually women who want to support slow fashion but also people who are involved in the cultural community in Kosice
  • The same goes for the arts, except it is not mainly women
  • When it comes to the events, there was a large variety of the events in the cultural community happening with the surroundings much more appealing than ours. We, therefore, put an accent on more formal sort of events – weddings corporate events etc.
  • For the languages, with proper marketing and approach, we could easily attract foreigners who spoke English or Spanish who would want to learn Slovak. This is usually for people who have spouses of Slovak nationalities or those who want their children to learn Slovak.



High-fidelity prototype

Final Design